Taking the confusion out of managerial coaching. 

FUTUREcoach is a programme designed to take the confusion out of what managerial coaching is and to help Managers to become more effective through the use of coaching methodologies.

For busy Managers, one of the bigger challenges faced involves managing, leading and training staff to deliver the business outcomes expected by the organisation – yet learning ‘how’ to pragmatically do so is often missing in training to date.

The FUTUREcoach managerial coaching programme bridges this gap in a cost-efficient way.





Managing, leading and training using coaching methodologies.

FUTUREcoach is designed to provide Managers with an awareness of the impact of their current coaching efforts, benchmarked against other managerial coaches, and then equip them with the coaching skills, tools and methods to enhance this impact as they manage, lead and train their staff.

FUTUREcoach  also provides talent development professionals with a researched, practical and robust methodology that can be implemented internally, or alternatively via an external accredited consultant.